Top 5 Outbound Dialer Software In India

Are you searching for the top outbound dialer software in India to grow your sales while transforming your business completely? This is where your search ends. Read till the end to gain complete insight into the top outbound call center software in India.

What is Outbound dialer software?

An Outbound call center is a place where a team of agents contacts customers for the purpose of collection follow-ups, telemarketing, telesales, surveys, etc.

The Outbound call center software or the outbound dialer plays a significant role in simplifying the process.

Key features of the software include automated dialing and messaging, predictive dialing, maintaining the call reports, and a simple and easy-to-use dashboard.

These mentioned features aid the agents with higher efficiency and productivity.

How can Outbound dialer software be useful in India?

Outbound dialer software campaigns can be used for various purposes and in multiple industries such as healthcare, banking and finance, the IT sector, FMGC markets, Telecom industries, Schools and universities, lead generation purposes, customer follow-ups, surveys, etc.

Outbound dialing software help companies reach their customers and prospects on a large scale within a time-bound period.

These progressive dialers use features such as automated voice calling and text messaging, predictive dialing, etc. that improve overall productivity and greater connectivity.


The Top 5 Outbound Dialer Softwares in India to choose from :


1. Interactive Marketing’s Outbound Dialing software :

Interactive Marketing is an all-in-one outbound dialing service provider and an industry leader in India for its superior customer experience and maximum agent productivity.

Since its inception in the year 1998, Interactive marketing pvt. Ltd has successfully established itself as a leading outbound dialer service provider for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Interactive’s progressive outbound dialing campaigns provide companies with an automated voice calling and text messaging option that is highly effective and cost-efficient for lead generation and sales conversion purposes.

Features :

• Dialer is equipped with the latest mathematical algorithm.
• Advance live call recording facilities for all agent-based calling systems.
• The High-tech missed call management facilities.
• Usage of advanced technology for automated voice calls+ and text SMS services.
• Multiple thread tracking and analysis via an independent dashboard.
• Useful for product research and conducting surveys.
• Superior customer service support with a fast-tracked query resolution process.

To get a quote, the company asks you to visit their website and fill in your details and requirements. The link for the website is mentioned below.

Website: https://interactivemarketing.co.in/

2. Five9 Dialer software :

Five9 is known for its predictive dialer system which makes use of an AI-based algorithm to make predictive calls.

Five` 9 Predictive Dialer offers state-of-the-art performance that believes in its patented technology. Sign in on their website and fill in the details in order to get a quote for their dialer software services.

Features :

• Integration of AI for predictive calling.
• Tracking results via the dashboard.
• Various dialing modes are available for selection.

Website: https://www.five9.com/

3. My operator :

My operator is an Indian cloud-based dialer software that provides toll-free numbers as a part of its dialer solutions.
In addition to the IVR solution, the company provides a 3-day free trial to all new users.

They also provide live call tracking and customer reports as a part of their outbound dialing campaigns.

Features :

• Makes use of a cloud-based dialing system.
• Enhanced call recording feature.
• Call reporting with continuous updates.

Website: https://myoperator.com/

4. Ameyo Dialer :

Ameyo dialer offers a rich customer experience solution and provides superior contact center solutions that are agent-friendly.

They use artificially intelligent omnichannel software to assist enterprises. Ameyo is also equipped with debt collection software that accelerates the payment collection process for companies.

Features :

• Provides user-friendly cloud center software solution.
• Reliable Customer support through the omnichannel ticket system.
• Includes analytics on call connectivity ratio that helps better decision-making.

Website: https://www.ameyo.com/

5. Voiso :

Voiso is an all-in-one customer solution dialer platform that offers superior client experience all over India. The company makes use of AI-based AMD engines in their dialer software which helps in superior agent performance.

The process of creating, configuring, and launching makes it easier for the agents to achieve greater productivity.

Features :

• Real-time agent performance can be tracked via Dialer’s advanced mechanism.
• Monitors call waiting and dynamically allocates the agents to increase efficiency and accuracy.
• Usage of advanced call recording for analysis and better agent efficiency.

Website: https://voiso.com/


Conclusion :

In our opinion, the auto-dialer software provided by the above-mentioned companies is considered to be one of the best in the market.

Their usage of the latest technology and AI-powered system makes them a high sort after option for various leading call centers and multinationals.

Leave your comment as to what are your thoughts on the Indian dialer software mentioned in this article and share your opinions on the same.
To add any new outbound dialer software to the list, kindly write us in the comments section and our team will add your dialer suggestions after reviewing them.

To get more info about our company, visit us at Interactive Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

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